Must Haves for Your Sweet Valentine's Day Board

5 Ingredients to Elevate Your Valentine's Day Board

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we love putting together a fun and festive cheese or charcuterie board to celebrate. These are so simple to assemble and can be made to easily transport anywhere to enjoy with your special someone. 

Assembling a cheeseboard need not be complicated or overwhelming. Here are our five must have items when assembling a delicious charcuterie board for a romantic night in: 

1. Cheese! 

We are partial to semi soft and brie or triple creme cheese here. Semi-soft can be cut into sweet heart shapes (think havarti) and the seasonal triple cremes like this one from Cowgirl Creamery already come in the shape of a heart making your cheese board all ready to embrace the festive love theme.

2. Crackers & Crunch


If using a soft, spreadable cheese like a brie or goat cheese, crackers are a must-have that adds a good crunch and becomes a tasty vehicle for your delicious cheese. We love these cranberry & hazelnut crackers from Lesley Stowe, which you can find at your local grocery store. We pick them up at our local cheese shop and love the flavor they have when combined with the Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam. We also love adding in some marcona almonds and quico's or toasted corn for a salty, crunchy bite. 

3. Candy & Sweet Treats  

Balance the salty bites with a bit of sweet. Seasonal treats like the Trader Joe's Mini Heart Cookies, some Ghiradelli Chocolate Hearts, or some Yum Earth Gummy Fruits in heart shaped sizes that just add some decorative, sweet fun to any board. Whole Foods Market also has a great cookie bar selection where we picked up some chocolate dipped sandwich creme cookies and chocolate covered pretzels. We are also fans of hitting up our local ice cream and candy shop, Bert & Rocky's, for any speciality sweets and candies we can use for our board. 


4. Your Favorite Fruits and Veggies

Fresh fruits and veggies (think purple carrots!) round out the indulgence of cheese, charcuterie, and any other sweets and chocolates you might incorporate onto a board. That said, fresh berries are a must here along with sweet seedless grapes and pomegranate seeds. Reds and purples are lovely colors here for the Valentine's Day themed board. 

5. Your Favorite Bottle of Wine 

Don't forget the wine! We are partial to old vine zinfandel from Jerry's hometown, Lodi, CA. Sparkling rosé or champagne are also great additions to enjoy with your special someone over a delectable cheese board. The key here: choose what you both enjoy drinking. 

Looking for a special cheese board to serve all these delicious goodies? Don't forget to head to our shop to find the perfect sized board to fit all gatherings, small or large. However you are celebrating this Valentine's Day, may it be a beautiful day filled with delicious eats!