Board Care

Care for Craftsmanship.

You’ve just purchased a cutting board or serving board from us. First: THANK YOU! Your support of our small, local business means so much.

Second: we want to offer a few tips on caring for your board to keep it looking its best year-round.

Everyday Care Instructions

It’s important to never be submerge your board in water for extended periods of time. Additionally, do not put your board in the dishwasher. This will warp the wood and cause damage. Avoid placing hot pots, pans, or other very hot items on the wood board surface as it can burn and discolor the board.

After each use, simply wash your board with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. You can dry the board with a towel and then allow board to air dry on your counter. Store in your desired location until you’re ready to use again.

Quarterly Care Instructions

A few times a year (or more if board is used heavily) re-finishing your board is highly recommended. You’ll know it’s time when your board appears dry, lighter in color, or feels slightly rougher to the touch. Simple re-finishing requires a board conditioner to condition the wood to prevent cracks, stains, and long-term food odor absorption. Our proprietary blend of mineral oil, orange oil, and beeswax supplies the level of condition you need to help keep the wood supple, supply anti-microbial properties, and keep it looking its best. We include a complimentary jar of board conditioner with each board purchase.

To apply: add a quarter size amount of our board conditioner onto your cleaned, dry board with a clean towel or washcloth. Apply conditioner in the direction of the grain and allow to dry for a few minutes. The wood will absorb the oils and the wax will provide a protective coat. If there is excess conditioner, buff off with a clean towel—still in the direction of the wood grain—until the board has a smooth and silky sheen.

Professional Refinishing

Every few years, especially if you have a cutting board that is in heavy use, the board may start to show its age. Dullness, lightness in color, rough patches, blade imprints. We offer complimentary refinishing for our clients who’ve purchased one of our cutting boards. Please fill out the Contact form to submit your request and we will take care of the rest from coordinating shipping to refinishing and sending it right back to you so that you can continue to enjoy your beautiful board.